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We’re so glad you asked!  We get this question all the time.  Smaller cakes (like a 6″ round) are easier to handle, as you can just cut sections from the center (as you would cut a pie or a pizza).

But what to do with a larger cake?  You can’t cut directly from the center, otherwise you’ll have quite long and thin slices, which really aren’t conducive for serving.  Instead: start with a concentric circle.  Depending on how long you’d like each serving of cake to be, come in with your knife from the outer edge about 3″ or so, and cut a circle this distance from the outer edge (effectively creating a “ring” of the outer edge).  Then, cut ~1″ wide slices all the way around your ring. 

If your center circle is small enough, feel free to go back to the standard “wedge” cut from the center to finish serving up the cake.  If your center circle is still too large, go ahead and create another concentric circle, again cut slices from the outer ring, and keep working your way until you make it to the center of the cake.

Try this technique at your next birthday, anniversary party, shower, or mitzvah — you’ll look like a true professional!